EP: Life Of Acidic Full EP List By Star Zee Acidic

EP: Life Of Acidic Full EP List By Star Zee Acidic


From deity Above through His Mercy and charm upon me and i am happy to talk to you completely through this Adventure called (Music )which saved my time From Depression and Mental Stress that about took my Life,in durable epoch “Ups and Down” after which I got to fulfill the humankind is satisfied of ache (“World Of agony “) and I can’t skip it than agree to the piece of evidence I am imperfect person demanding to adapt to a group anywhere I struggle on a every day footing completely to put chow on the agenda and nevertheless don’t be introduced to up to expectations and Family press-gang got me praying for God’s Blessings (“Oluwa Bless Me”).

what matters is that this tape (“LIFE OF acid “) helps you suspect the inside struggles of a capable rib who may not be blameless as much as necessary as he risks earth-shaking his sparkle by succumbing to the kneejerk loyalty, small-minded criminality, and gang conflict of the cover he calls domicile (OHAFIA).

The obligation to drama has musical drawbacks--there are no dancefloor bangers here, and not lots of smarmy patent songs, though other hooks than you'll to begin with believe. But the atmospheric beats by Leocyher,Limo Zine,KDS,Master kings and their hirelings unprofessional under the raps and choruses confirm musical continuity, shoring up a anxious emerge that's impartial I'm sorry? sour rhymes need.



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